Our Wildlife Control Baits

Piney Potion, Rodent Crack, Skunk Indulgence and Berry Bandit

Irresistible Food Baits For Squirrels, Mice, Rats, Skunks and Raccoons

Real Food Baits That Dramatically Increase The Effectiveness Of Trapping Critters

Four Wildlife Control Baits Every Pro Needs: Berry Bandit, Piney Potion, Rodent Crack and Skunk Indulgence

Viking Product Supply brings you four fantastic wildlife control baits, Berry Bandit, Piney Potion, Rodent Crack, and Skunk Indulgence. These yum yum eat em up baits are the best critter trap food on the market. Critters like Raccoons, mice, rats, squirrels, and skunks can’t resist these flavorful blends and they will walk their way into your traps to get at these tasty blends.

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Berry Bandit: $9.95 Each – Buy Now

Berry Bandit catches raccoons and lots of them. Use it as a paste bait on marshmallows, cotton balls, or bait hangers and see your catch numbers improve. Berry Bandit is a blend of several types of berries and cherries along with a few other secret ingredients to entice and trap shy critters. It seduces raccoons, skunks, and opossums. And don’t worry, it’s not attractive to roaming cats. It comes in a 6 oz jar.

piney potion photo at Viking Product Supply wildlife control baits page

Piney Potion: $9.95 Each – Buy Now

Piney Potion is a dynamite bait for catching pesky red pine squirrels at all times of the year. It contains a variety of nuts and flavoring to entice piney squirrels. Piney Potion also works excellent on all types of squirrels and chipmunks. It comes in a 6 oz jar.

rodent crack photo at Viking Product Supply wildlife control baits page

Rodent Crack: $9.95 Each – Buy Now

Rodent Crack is irresistible to mice, chipmunks, and grey squirrels. Originally formulated to capture gray squirrel, we found this bait exceptional when baited on mice traps as well. Works on all species of rodents. It comes in a 6 oz jar.

skunk indulgence photo at Viking Product Supply wildlife control baits page

Skunk Indulgence: $9.95 Each – Buy Now

Skunk Indulgence has been formulated specifically for bringing in those roaming skunks that are hard to trap as they are content on grubbing or looking for a mate. This meat-based formulation is comprised of several animal scents and is your best bet at getting skunks in the traps. Just place a spoonful size dab in the back of the trap behind the trap treadle so the skunks have to pass over to get to the bait. It comes in a 6 oz jar.


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