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Yard Gard Mole Deterrent


Yard Gard Mole Deterrent comes in 3 sizes:

A 5lb container costs $19.95 and covers approximately 1,250 sq. ft.; Shipping is $12.50 per bag.
A 10lb Container costs $24.95 and covers Approximately 2,500 sq. ft. Shipping is $15 per bag.
A 20-lb Bag costs $34.95 and covers Approximately 5,000 sq. ft. Shipping is $20 per bag.

Yard Gard Mole Deterrent is a natural Mole Repellent containing unique ingredients that create a barrier to protect your lawn. It is safe to use around people and pets, using all-natural safe ingredients and no urine smells that can cause irritation to your pets and attract other predators.

Yard Gard Mole Deterrent ingredients are infused into a water-soluble shell, which is slowly released by water irrigation or rainfall. If rain isn’t expected in your local forecast, we recommend watering in the product immediately after application.

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How Yard Gard Works photo on Yard Gard Repellent page

How Yard Gard Mole Deterrent Works

Spreader photo on Yard Gard Repellent page

You can use a rolling spreader with Yard Gard.

Hand spreader photo on Yard Gard Repellent page

You can use a hand spreader with Yard Gard.

Yard Gard, The All-Natural Yard Mole Deterrent

Yard Gard is specially formulated to deter ground burrowing and/or other wild animals from invading your yard and gardens, providing effective, long-lasting lawn protection.

Yard Gard has been thoroughly tested and proven to work effectively when applied properly at the application rate of 4 lbs. of Yard Gard product for every 1000 sq. ft. of lawn area. Working to give you peace of mind that your lawn is protected.

Yard Gard is guaranteed to work as prescribed, and BGA Industries (manufacturer) stands behind Yard Guard product’s performance for your lawn protection and satisfaction.

Yard Gard is a product with natural ingredients. Therefore, if, after 45 days, you see the animal return or continuous animal activity, a light reapplication is probably necessary.

Yard Gard effectively repels animals, and its working principle (operant conditioning) requires all animals to experience the smell and taste of the product for themselves. After the application of Yard Gard, some signs of animal activity are possible because multiple or different animals may visit your lawn before they are conditioned or trained to leave the area. Once the animal is conditioned, it leaves the treated area.

The customer must initiate Yard Gard’s product guarantee within 45 to 60 days of application. We gladly stand by our product because it is the proven “product that works!” and provides you with peace of mind that your investment in lawn protection is good.

After applying Yard Gard animal deterrent and you have not seen a decrease in animal activity within a minimum of two weeks after proper application, please be informed that we will:

  • work with you to solve the problem and/or
  • replace the item you purchased with a new container and/or
  • refund your purchase.

*Note: Yard Gard granules must come in contact with the ground surface; therefore, your yard may need to be dethatched if it is covered with an excess amount of dead vegetation, grass, and debris (over 2 inches thick), which can prevent the granules from reaching the soil surface,

Yard Gard Stop Moles From Destroying Your Lawns

Yard Moles can be difficult to remove and wreak havoc on lawns. As moles tunnel through the grass and mulch beds in search of food, they create unsightly dirt mounds and tunnels. The mound of dirt can damage lawnmowers and the trails can be tripping hazards. Viking Product Supply recommends physical removal of the moles using our Mole Whacker Traps and keep them away once removed by applying Yuard Gard Mole Deterrent regularly.


In the photo to the right, below in mobile, the Red X’S mark areas where Yard Gard will be most effective for mole control. Use a spreader to connect the dots for the best treatment success.

Moles are mainly woodland creatures in nature. When applying Yard Gard Mole Deterrent be sure to target areas along adjacent tree lines and shrubs. Also be sure to treat perimeter of your lawn along neighboring properties to deter moles from moving into your yard.

Principle On How Yard Gard Mole Deterrent Works

Burrowing animals like moles that spend their life underground and rely on their nose for survival have a heightened sense of smell which is hypersensitive and found to that moles can smell in stereo.

Yard Gard Mole Deterrent ingredients are irritating to the moles sensitive nose and disrupts their sense of smell making it hard to find their main food source of earthworms, grubs, and nightcrawlers. This negative affect principle is called operant conditioning where the moles learn to feed elsewhere and NOT IN YOUR YARD!

The following ingredients are in our Yard Gard Mole Deterrent: Castor Oil, Red Pepper, White Pepper, Peppermint Oil, Calcium carbonate, Calcium lignosulfonate, Organic soap, Dolomitic lime, and Water

Application Illustration

In The U.S., The Most Common Moles You Might Encounter Are The Eastern Mole (Scalopus Aquaticus) And The Star-Nosed Mole (Condylura Cristata)

Star nosed mole photo on Yard Guard Mole Deterrent page: thanks to Kenneth Catania, Vanderbilt University, via Wikimedia Commons

Eastern Mole (Scalopus aquaticus)

This is the most widespread mole in the U.S., particularly prevalent in the eastern states. Eastern moles are known for their tunneling habits, which can create extensive networks of both deep and surface tunnels. They primarily cause problems in lawns, gardens, and farms due to their burrowing activity, which can damage grass roots, create unsightly molehills, and disrupt the soil.

Star nosed mole photo on Yard Guard Mole Deterrent page: thanks to US National Parks Service, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Star-Nosed Mole (Condylura cristata)

Recognizable by the unique, star-shaped set of appendages on its snout, the star-nosed mole is found in the northeastern U.S. and parts of Canada. This mole prefers wetter environments and is a powerful digger. It can undermine the structural integrity of dams, levees, and embankments, and its burrows can also damage lawns and garden areas.

Star nosed mole photo on Yard Guard Mole Deterrent page: thanks to ToniFix, via Wikimedia Commons

Main Problems Caused By Moles

Landscape Damage: Moles create molehills and ridges in lawns and gardens, making the ground uneven and potentially damaging machinery like lawn mowers.

Plant Damage: Their tunneling can disturb the roots of plants, leading to stress or death of the plants.


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