Viking Chipmunk Trap

Using our exceptional # 1 Humane Viking Chipmunk Trap for live trapping nuisance chipmunks or rats is one of the most sensible solutions for professional wildlife control, homeowners, and businesses.

We constructed our 3-inch x 3-inch x 10-inch Viking Chipmunk Trap with tough corrosion-resistant galvanized metal, which is meant to last for thousands of trappings.

Our Viking Chipmunk trap sells for $14.95.

Flat Rate Shipping: $14.50 up to 14 traps

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Baiting The Viking Chipmunk Trap For Chipmunks And Rats

We suggest baiting the Viking Chipmunk Trap with our Piney Potion or Rodent Crack, depending on whether you plan to trap a chipmunk or rat. But if you prefer alternative trapping bait, sunflower, pumpkin seeds, or pieces of fruit work well for chipmunks and rats.

Place the Viking Chipmunk trap in the areas where chipmunk and rat activity occurs. Make sure the trap is sitting flat and level so that it does not move when the chipmunk or rat enters.

Put the bait in the Viking Chipmunk Trap for 2-3 days with the doors wired open so that the chipmunk or rat will get conditioned to eating from this area. If the bait from the Viking Chipmunk trap vanishes consistently, then it’s time to set the trap.

Frequently check the trap to remove captured chipmunks or rats, and avoid direct contact.

The Viking Chipmunk Trap provides solid results when trapping chipmunks and rats.

What You Need To Know About Chipmunks

Everyone thinks of chipmunks as cute little furred rodents that eat out of one’s hand. You can see chipmunks running around hither and thither, searching for food or playing along the ground. Most people give little thought about chipmunk damage until they get into a garden digging up bulbs, plants, and flowers.

In addition to spoiling your gardens, chipmunks damage structures by burrowing under sidewalks, porches, stairways, retention walls, or foundations. To protect these areas, you need to fence off these areas in strong hardware cloth or fine stainless steel fencing, push them down into the ground at least two feet, and then build a roof above to keep the chipmunks out. Doing this can be expensive and isn’t a good choice for most people.

And then there are those chipmunk holes that may be in our walkway. A chipmunk can dig out quite a hole in a very short period of time. Many people have related stories about turning their ankles when stepping into these holes.

The Viking Chipmunk Trap - Thanks To Wiki Commons and Gilles Gonthier from Canada via Wikimedia Commons

Chipmunks nest in burrows deep into the ground, and these burrows can be as long as 30 to 40 feet. The tunnels contain separate chambers and tunnels for unique uses. Nesting chambers, several food storage chambers, defecation chambers, drainage tunnels, entrance tunnels, and escape tunnels make up the burrow system of a chipmunk. Generally, you’ll only see the holes where chipmunks enter or escape.

When chipmunks become a problem, it’s time to consider our Humane Live Viking Chipmunk Trap that catches chipmunks without killing them and allows you to relocate them in an area off your property, assuming your city and state laws allow relocation.

What You Need To Know About Rats

Yes, some people do not want to use traps that kill a rat, so we are often asked, “Can I use the Viking Chipmunk Trap on rats?” The answer is a resounding yes. You can use the humane live Viking Chipmunk Trap to get rid of rats from your home or business, which is an easy and efficient way to eradicate a rat issue.

Once you have captured a rat, make sure you wear heavy gloves if you decide to handle it, but please avoid contact with the rat since it can spread germs or diseases. If your local and state laws permit, let the rat go at least 2 miles away. Finally, sterilize your trap with a disinfectant as soon as possible after releasing the rat.

Now that you’ve removed the rat or rats from your home, it’s time to thwart other rats from entering again. We suggest doing the following:

  1. store all food in rodent-proof glass containers
  2. dispose of garbage and use locking lids on your rubbish cans
  3. keep your buildings clean by removing debris and sanitizing all surfaces
  4. remove pet food from the floor when your pet finishes eating
  5. rake up nuts, fruit, and seeds in your yard
The Viking Chipmunk Trap - thanks to AnemoneProjectors, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons


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