Vent Shield


The Vent Shield Protector is an attic vent guard that fits over slant back roof vents, kitchen exhaust hoods, and other similar sized roofing exhausts. The Vent Shield provides an affordable & durable method to protect roof exhaust vents against animal intrusion into attics and walls.

Designed for multiple size vents, louvered slant back vent, as well as the Lomanco 750 static roof vents. Heavy-Duty Design keeps critters out of your attic. Animals such as birds, rodents, bats, squirrels, raccoons, rats will NOT be able to get through attic vent covers.



Qty. 32 Black 1.5″ screws with XL EPDM rubber under steel washers for installation. The 1.5″ screws are used to secure the roof vent covers to the roof. Use roof sealant under each screw. (A ¼” driver bit will be required for installation)

Weight: 7.5 pounds

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Save Money Using Our Vent Shield – The Most Affordable Vent Guard Protection Against Animal Intrusion

Do you want to provide maximum protection for Roof Vents against the intrusion of pests like Bats, Mice, Rats, Squirrels, and Birds? Then You Want Vent Shield which is made In Dayton, Ohio, and manufactured and designed for the wildlife control operator, providing a much-needed product for the wildlife industry.

Check out the Before & After Photo. Vent Shields securely sealed this damaged vent. A flying squirrel chewed its way through thin aluminum screening on the attic vent.

It was much less expensive to cover the damaged vent with our Vent Shield rather than replacing a perfectly good vent. Plus, no animal can break through our metal roof vent covers!

The Vent Shield is easily installed.
The Vent Shield saves money.
The Vent Shield protects you from wildlife entering your home.
The best Vent Shield for wildlife control operators.
The Vent Shield keeps critters out of your vents.
The Vent Shield Photo keeps wildlife out of your attic.
Viking Product Supply's Vent Shield is affordable and fairly priced.