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Tomahawk Model E40D-SS


Model E40D-SS is our 4″ x 4″ Professional Series Excluder Trap. Our Pro Excluders feature an easy-release rear door that opens to the side for easy transfer even when mounted. The extra wings create directional funnels when needed, and a toe jammer prevents even the smartest trapped squirrels from exiting the trap.

The trap’s multiple catches one-way door allows several squirrels to enter the trap. The rear door allows you to trap the animal or simply remove the rear door to use it as a true excluder.

This excluder trap measures 26L x 4W x 4H” and is constructed of heavy-duty 1/2 x 1″ – 14 gauge wire mesh. The Model E40D-SS is designed to fit over 4″ x 4″ or smaller openings.

Shipping Size and Weight: 26″ x 4″ x 4″ and 2 lbs

Shipping Charges: Buy 1 trap shipping is $15.95; Buy more than 1 trap they ship for $9.95 each.

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Tomahawk Model E40D-SS Professional Series Does The Job Every Time

Tomahawk Live Trap produces the most outstanding variety of live traps and animal cages offered with over 100 sizes and styles. Tomahawk traps meet the high standards of quality and durability required by professional wildlife control operators and homeowners, farmers, and ranchers with a sporadic wildlife control problem.

The makers of Tomahawk Traps construct all their traps from heavy-gauge galvanized wire mesh and steel rods with a variety of doors and spring-locking mechanisms designed not to harm the trapped animal.

The Fail-Proof Humane Live Trap Removes Unwanted Squirrels The Humane Way

Tomahawk provides a humane, always reliable live animal trap. Humane societies, animal refuges, wildlife control experts, and animal control officers use the Model E40D-SS Professional Series

Many customers of wildlife professionals would rather not kill rodents like squirrels that get into their homes or yards. So trappers will use a trap like the popular Tomahawk Model E40D-SS Professional Series, which provides a humane pest control method. The design of this type of trap captures a squirrel without injuring it to be released on the property or elsewhere in the state’s laws that allow wildlife relocation off the property.

Photo 1 of the Tomahawk Model E40D-SS
Photo 2 of the Tomahawk Model E40D-SS

Squirrels playing together appear cute and seem harmless, but if they get into your home or attic, they can do loads of destruction to your home, leaving urine, feces, chewed wires and wood, and torn insulation in their wake.

Viking Products Supply believes in humane animal removal and environmentally responsible practices for managing nuisance wildlife difficulties. Our Tomahawk products like the Tomahawk Model E40D-SS Professional Series provide inventive trapping methods and ecologically sound wildlife removal traps for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities.

We offer both residential animal removal and commercial animal removal trapping products throughout our site. Population growth, urbanization sprawl, and increasing wildlife populations contribute to nuisance wildlife problems requiring our professional trapping removal products.

Wildlife trapping and removal demands time, training, and experience and can be dangerous for the untrained homeowner. We always suggest that any homeowner buying our trapping products consider using professional wildlife removal services in your area to eliminate your nuisance pest wildlife problems and prevent recurring animal removal issues.

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