Solar Seal 900 Sealant

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Two Colors: Clear or Black

Sold In Case Of 12: Price Per Tube $5.50

Solar Seal 900 Sealant is truly a fantastic product that stays where you put it no matter the angle or temperature. This sealant is a Terpolymer Technology available in many color options. Solar Seal 900 Sealant is a great alternative to many sealants on the market as it’s a non-sagging caulk, bonds to practically all substrates, and is paintable.

Use What The Professionals Use,
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Ideal uses for the Wildlife Control Industry include Bat Exclusions and Wildlife Seal-ups. Solar Seal 900 Sealant works great for sealing wood gaps, eave returns, shingles, metal flashing repairs, bat entry points, loose soffit panels, and many more.

This product is also included in every Peak Protector order to seal any ridge vent gaps or extra protection when running screws into the roof.

Shipping Is $12.95 Per Case

Free Shipping If You Buy 50 Or More Cases



Solar Sealant 900 Special Color Request Contact Form

Solar Sealant 900 comes in many different colors, but we’ve decided to only sell clear and black online for the time being. If you are interested in other colors, please contact us via the form below after you have looked at the color chart to the right(desktop)/below(mobile).

If you want a color other than clear or black it’s a 4 case minimum order.

Color Match Not Guaranteed Due To Web Display

Even if the sealant color name is exactly that of your color panel, the color above may be slightly different due to how colors display on the web. In almost all instances, once installed, this is barely noticeable, if at all. Clear Solar Seal compliments any metal roof color.