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Skunk Indulgence Bait


Skunk Indulgence Bait has been explicitly formulated for bringing in those roaming skunks that are hard to trap as they are content on grubbing or looking for a mate.

Skunk Indulgence Bait’s meat-based formulation comprises several animal scents and is your best bet at getting skunks in the traps.

Just place a spoonful size dab of Skunk Indulgence Bait in the back of the trap behind the trap treadle, so the skunks have to pass over to get to the bait. It comes in a 6 oz jar.

Shipping Cost: Flat Fee of $8.95 no matter how many bait items you buy. So buy more than one of our amazing baits!

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How To Humanely Trap Skunks Using Its Favorite Treat Skunk Indulgence Bait

Timid, clever, and adorable as babies, a cornered skunk produces a powerful odor. Most people won’t stand for a potentially smelly skunk or family of skunks living under a porch, a deck, a shed, or a garage. However, the nocturnal skunk needs shelter during the day when they are most vulnerable, and your property may very well be its best solution for its safety.

These nighttime creatures dig holes on property while looking for one of their favorite foods, grubs. If you smell skunk odor, see torn-up grass, and damaged plants and gardens, you probably have a skunk nearby and want it removed.

Removing a skunk from your property demands preparation, knowledge, patience, observation, and, of course, the use of Skunk Indulgence Bait for these hard to trap New World carnivorous mammals. We always suggest hiring a professional wildlife control company that uses a humane live trap. But, once trapped, skunks can spray, though these nocturnal stinkers generally won’t if they don’t feel threatened.

Agitated skunks often spray but visually signal before spraying by stomping their front feet and quickly turning around and raising their tail. If this behavior occurs, the trapper needs to back away and give the skunk some time to calm down. Once the skunk is calm, you can slowly approach the cage, gently lift it without jarring or banging it into anything, and when you begin to walk, they will settle down.

What’s ironic is that once placed in a vehicle for transportation, a skunk gets calmed by the vehicle’s motion and seldom sprays once in transport. And if you place a bit of Skunk Indulgence Bait in the trap that keeps the skunk occupied with their tasty treat!

Skunk Indulgence Bait photo - #1 Best Skunk Trapping Bait

How To Get Rid Of Skunks With An Exclusion Barrier

This video shows a time-lapse how-to on the proper technique for constructing an exclusion barrier that keeps animals such as skunks from digging under a porch and sidewalk. Exclusion barriers are any form of barrier intended to keep nuisance wildlife out like skunks. There are several different barriers for various pests, and a wildlife professional can clarify the appropriate barrier for your particular situation.

Kevin shows an effective barrier installation to safeguard against skunks getting under a concrete porch. In this instance, a buried fence standing around one foot high, buried into the ground, prevents a skunk from getting under a concrete porch where it has made a den in the past.


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