RodeXit STRAIGHT Proofing Strip

Price Ranges Based On Length


The RodeXit Straight Proofing Strip Chief Features

The Rodexit Straight Proofing Strip comes in 4 sizes:

  1. 3 yd box at $78
  2. 9 yd box at $229.50
  3. 27 yd box= $675.00
  4. 108 yd box = $2673.00

The RodeXit Straight Proofing Strip is a highly rodent resistant proofing strip used for proofing:

  • Garage doors.
  • Stationary gaps.
  • The vertical astragal gap between the 2 door leaves of double doors.


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100% Rodent-Resistant Barrier

The RodeXit STRAIGHT Proofing Strip has a rodent-resistant barrier consisting of ten gnaw-proof wires of solid stainless steel.

100% Successful Rat Attack Test

The fundamental proofing technology has successfully been examined and tested by the accredited and certified independent test institution Danish Technological Institute. You can download below a detailed account of the successful 2 weeks’ long rat attack test.

Barnes Wildlife Control of Ohio had a customer who had rodents entering through the base of their garage door. A simple fix was the addition of the gnaw-proof RodeXit STRAIGHT Proofing Strip.

3 garage doors with Rodexit straight proofing strip

Advantages of Using The RodeXit Straight Proofing Strip

There are numerous benefits from using the  RodeXit STRAIGHT Proofing Strip:

  • Our strip provides Fantastic protection against pests like rats and mice
  • You can easily trim this product with common tin snips and a Stanley knife.
  • The RodeXit installs and quickly.
  • Our product can rodent-proof a garage door by a single person.
  • The RodeXit will last more than 10 years under favorable conditions.
  • Our strip has screw hole markings that promote speedy and flawless-looking installations.
  • All materials in the RodeXit are non-toxic.
  • The RodeXit Straight Proofing Strip comes in long rolls and manageable handy boxes that provide easy storing, handling, and transportation.
  • You’ll have almost no trimming waste when you cut proofing strips from a roll.
  • Our stripping is cleaned easily.
  • You get high cost-effectiveness given its moderate price per yard and simple, quick,  labor-saving installation.
Beautiful home door with Rodexit straight proofing strip

The RodeXit Straight Proofing Strip Technical Specifications

  • Extremely robust Santoprene thermoplastic elastomer
  • Rodent resistant barrier: 10 close-set steel wires that gnaw proof with a diameter of 0,04 inch (1 mm)
  • Distance between the steel wires: 0.2 inches (5 mm) – i.e., too little for a mouse to squeeze through
  • Distance between the edges and the first steel wires: 0.1 inches (3 mm)
  • Shape: Flat
  • Cross-sectional measures: 0.13 inch (3.2 mm) thick and 2.4 inches (62 mm) wide
  • Weight: 7.4 oz per yard (0.24 kg per meter)
  • Color: Anthracite gray
  • Screw hole markings: A set of 2 for every 4 in (10 cm)
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Temperature range: Minus 40 F to plus 140 F (-40 to +60 Celsius)
  • Thermal expansion and contraction: Insignificant
  • Shore A Hardness: Around 80

Watch The Video “How to rodent-proof garages with RodeXit’s STRAIGHT proofing strip without using a mounting strip.”

The instructional video, to the right on desktop and below on mobile,  describes how sectional garage doors, single panel canopy garage doors, and single panel retractable garage doors can be rodent proofed with the rodent resistant RodeXit STRAIGHT Proofing Strip without the use of a mounting strip, i.e., fixed with the use of screws and washers only.

We divide the video into the following sections: Introduction, Wooden Garage Doors, The threshold gaps, The side gaps, Metal Garage Doors, and finally Tips & Tricks.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at (937) 405-8721 or use our contact form HERE.

The duration of the above video is 8 minutes, and it contains a blend of motion picture video clips and slides. The descriptions are in writing, so you can pause the video to examine the installation process.