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Rodent Crack Bait is irresistible to mice, chipmunks, and grey squirrels. Formulated initially to capture gray squirrels, we found this bait works wonders when baited on mice traps. Consisting of many varieties of nuts, including peanuts, we’ve also added our secret all-natural ingredients to spice up this rodent dream food. Rodent Crack Bait works excellent on all species of rodents, and it comes in an easy-to-use 6 oz jar.

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How To Humanely Trap Rodents Using Our Delicious Treat Rodent Crack Bait

As urbanization has spread, rodents have increasingly depended on humans for food, water, and shelter. Regrettably, these unwanted critters leave chew marks, food scattered about, trails of droppings, and other signs they’re in your home include scratching, racing noises under floors, in walls, ceilings, and especially attics.

Squirrel, chipmunk, and mice problems may be challenging to manage by yourself, so you may need to hire a professional rodent control service. But even the best professional rodent control companies use special tricks to capture all manner of rodents, and one of those tricks consists of Rodent Crack Bait.

Each type of rodent may need its unique kind of trap, but no matter the humane trap used, squirrels, chipmunks, and mice cannot resist our uniquely formulated blend of rodent bait called Rodent Crack Bait.

Once squirrels, chipmunks, and mice get into your basement, crawl spaces, and especially your attic, all manner of damage and chaos can result. When a female rodent wants a safe place for nest building, she will damage homes and structures by gnawing holes through siding, soffits, eaves, vents, unscreened chimneys, and even unprotected roof ridges.

In their nest-building process, rodents tear up insulation, foam board, available paper covering insulation, and most dangerous of all, chew on live electrical wires, which creates the possibility of a fire. To make matters worse, rodent urine and feces build up over time, and the mixture can contain bacteria and viruses unhealthy to humans. And don’t forget about fleas and ticks that come with all rodents.

So you can well imagine if rodents have invaded your home, then getting these pests out fast before problems mount demands immediate attention. If you are brave enough to do rodent trapping yourself, which we do not recommend, we highly suggest you get the best rodent lure on the market, Rodent Crack Bait. Using Rodent Crack Bait dramatically increases your trapping success, as it does for Professional Rodent Control companies.

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