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Raccoon Whiskey


Raccoon Whiskey is a trailing scent lure specifically designed to bring raccoons and other fish-loving critters right to your traps. This formulation and bottle design allow for easy and discreet applications of scent. Make a drip trail across lawns or rooftops to attract nuisance animals right where you want them, in your traps!

Each bottle of raccoon whiskey is 2 oz with a built-in dispenser cap.

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Live-Trapping Raccoons With Our Irresistible Raccoon Whiskey Lure

Raccoon Whisky came into existence to deal with one of the most widespread nuisance wildlife in the United States, raccoons. Raccoons live in the center of a busy city, on farmlands, and around homes outside of cities. Raccoons will raid into your trash, rip up your lawns, flowers, vegetable gardens, and even tear into your home’s attic if looking for safety and warmth.

Live-Trapping, the best and most recommended way of eliminating raccoons from your property, often demands more than a cage filled with bait. In many instances, a trap-shy raccoon needs an incentive that will lure it inside of a trap, even if it’s filled with food a raccoon loves. And that’s where Raccoon Whiskey Lure comes in handy!

Please keep in mind, raccoons, one of the most common animals carrying rabies and having feces full of roundworms, will attack humans and pets even when healthy. Raccoon Whisky Lure comes in handy when you need that troublesome nuisance raccoon off your property and need it quickly trapped.

So, if you’ve tried several baits to rid your home or yard of raccoons, and nothing is working, you should add Raccoon Whiskey into the mix which will  lure that crafty raccoon into your trap full of bait. No matter what raccoon issue you encounter, we know Raccoon Whiskey will help you get raccoons off your property and put an end to your raccoon troubles.

But, if you want to bring in all the big guns when dealing with pesky raccoons, we highly suggest you hire a professional license and insured wildlife control operator with years of raccoon trapping experience. And don’t forget to buy a few bottles of Raccoon Whiskey Lure before your expert raccoon trapper gets to your home. You’ll be doing yourself and your WCO a major favor!

Raccoon Whiskey Lure photo - #1 Best Raccoon Trapping Lure

Oh, lest we forget. If you are a DIY person, in addition to Raccoon Whisky Lure, you can use almost any food when putting baits inside your trap since raccoons are omnivores. However, certain food items are more effective when used as baits, so try these: marshmallows, fresh fruits, and stinky foods like cat food, bacon, and canned fish.

Please be aware that if you are a DIY person and want to take on live trapping a raccoon, do you know what to do if you capture a raccoon after using our Racoon Whiskey Lure. You probably want the raccoon relocated off your property, but you and any licensed trapper must follow the laws of your State concerning relocating trapped animals. The law may not allow you to release a raccoon anywhere outside your property. Of course, you can always release a trapped raccoon on your property, but you may end up in the same situation as before, and euthanasia may be your only other option.

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