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Piney Potion Bait

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Squirrels Love Our Piney Potion Bait

Piney Potion Bait is a dynamite bait for catching pesky red pine squirrels at all times of the year. It contains a variety of nuts and flavoring to entice piney squirrels. Piney Potion Bait also works excellent on all types of squirrels and chipmunks. It comes in a 6 oz jar.

Piney Potion Bait Shipping Costs

Flat Fee of $8.95 no matter how many bait items you buy. So buy more than one of our amazing baits! Please note that if you order other items they have their shipping costs as well.

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When You Need To Catch A Trap Shy Squirrel You Want The Best Squirrel Bait To Lure Them Into Your Trap, And That’s Piney Potion Bait

Gray Squirrels love nuts, seeds, and fruits of hickory, beech, oak, black walnut, tulip tree, sugar maple, flowering dogwood, buckeye, wild grape, pawpaw, persimmon, butternut, black cherry, and even insects. But, they are also omnivores, and they will eat eggs, small insects, caterpillars, little animals, and even baby snakes.

Red Squirrels are omnivorous as well and will eat a variety of foods. They will eat pine seeds or cones, nuts, seeds, fruit, sap, fungi, bark, nuts, fruits, and mushrooms. Sometimes it eats insects, young birds, bird eggs, mice, and even baby rabbits.

Flying Squirrels are seldom seen in the daytime, given their nocturnal nature. And when night comes, these frisky squirrels can be quite rambunctious if a small colony has made its way into your attic. And all that high-energy play creates a hearty appetite. Flying squirrels are omnivores like most squirrels. They eat a variety of foods, including seeds, nuts, fungi, fruit, and insects. Southern flying squirrels are considered the most carnivorous squirrels, and they supplement their diet with eggs, birds, and carrion.

It’s clear squirrels love to eat and have a wide variety of foods on their menu. But rest assured, all squirrels will devour our Piney Potion Bait mixture, but Red Squirrels especially love our Piney Potion Bait proprietary blend.

It’s Always Best To Use  A Professional Wildlife Control Company That Is Licensed And Insured

Picture of squirrel damage at the Piney Potion  Bait Add To Cart Page

A squirrel chewed its way into an attic.

Picture of acorns gathered by the squirrel in a customer's attic at the Piney Potion  Bait Add To Cart Page

Once a squirrel has made its way into an attic it will gather food and cause damage to insulation, wood and wiring.

Picture of a trapped squirrel at the Piney Potion  Bait Add To Cart Page

This squirrel was trapped using Piney Potion Bait.

You Need To Quickly Remove Trap Shy Squirrels From Your Home Before They Do Extensive Damage – Get Piney Potion Bait

Squirrels are skilled climbers and can gnaw through wood effortlessly, so they can climb or jump onto your house and chew through a wooden soffit to enter your home’s attic. The most common time squirrels seek shelter in your house is in late summer or early winter, when female squirrels are ready to give birth.

Once squirrels get in your home, they will do extensive damage. The squirrels will obtain nesting stuff by tearing your insulation and wood frame. They will also gnaw on and through electrical wirework, which can start a fire. Squirrels have been known to cause flooding or water damage by chewing through PEC or PVC.

Squirrels need to be traped out quickly because if they cause severe damage, your homeowner’s insurance policy will often not cover any rodent damage.

Order Now To Get Trap Shy Squirrels Out Fast By Seducing Them With Piney Potion Bait

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