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11 reviews for Peak Protector

  1. Brian M.

    Always fast shipping and anything I ever need they handle promptly. Great service! Great products!

  2. Laucke Hooper

    Great product use it on as many jobs as I can, Jack is always a good guy to work with.


    Excellent service

  4. Nick Massey

    Best product on the market for keeping critters out of plastic ridge venting

  5. Greg Aslakson

  6. phillip

    Really great product at a price from Viking Supply that can’t be beat, They processed and shipped my order quickly too. Going to buy another Peak Protector kit for my garage soon.

  7. Tom B.

  8. Anonymous

    Product was easy to install and did the job. Would recommend for anyone trying g to keep animals out of you attic through the ridge vent.

  9. Nick

    Great product with Only one complaint, is that it rusts any where you have to cut it or the coating gets scratched off. If it where made of galvanized steel or galvalume, this would almost never happen

  10. Tom B.

  11. Kent S.

    Strong well made product

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Peak Protector Has A New And Improved Design!


Peak Protector Photos Of Installations From Various Angles.
A Peak Protector Closeup Along A Roof Ridge.

Description Of Peak Protector:

Peak Protector is a coated metal wire product formed at the ideal lengths and angles to provide maximum protection for Ridge Vents against the intrusion of pests like Bats, Mice, Rats, Squirrels, and Birds.

Peak Protector comes in 100 feet cartons at an affordable rate of $1.95 per foot. Each box includes:

  • 25 pieces in 4-foot sections for a total of 100 linear feet
  • 1lb of 1-1/2″ Black Pole Barn screws to attach the product to the roof
  • 12 2″ Black Pole Barn Screws for areas that need extra length
  • 1 Impact Rated ¼ Magnetic Driver for securing the excluder to the roof, and
  • one tube of Solar Seal 900 Roof Sealant.  You should apply the solar seal roof sealant under each screw and any gaps to form a waterproof seal.

Viking Product Supply provides the standard 1.5″ rubber washer attachment screws and a pack of 2″ attachment screws for the areas that require additional length, such as areas of overlap. The package includes a tube of the black solar seal and a magnetic impact driver for the screws. This product comes in 4ft sections, making transport in the vehicle more convenient (also saves shipping costs) and safer to carry up and down ladders and across rooftops.

Also added is an extra bend tab to the upper planar portion to apply maximum down pressure to the ridge shingle tab.  This product is also PVC coated, which helps the ridge protection material from slipping off the roof during install.

Size: 5″ x 8″ x 48″

Weight: 23 lbs.

Why You Need Peak Protector: It Protects Your Attic From Rats, Bats, Squirrels And Raccoons!

A typical entry point for nuisance wild animals is the ridge vent. You install Peak Protector to guard against wildlife entering your attic. The majority of homes in the United States have ventilation for the attic. Ridge vents are excellent at venting the attic but very poor at keeping critters out of the attic. Our Roof Vent Guard is ideal for guarding against nuisance wildlife invasions along the side of a ridge vent. Peak Protector gives the ultimate attic pest prevention with no restriction to the airflow.

An attic ventilation system in the form of a ridge vent prevents roofing system issues. A professional construction company should always install a quality ridge vent at the peak of a roof. A well-constructed ridge vent removes excess heat and moisture in hot weather and keeps a roof cold during the winter, reducing ice dams. But, ridge vents have a significant weakness: aggressive wildlife wanting entrance into your building can get through many ridge vents!

Keeping unwanted animals out of your attics demands placing a high-quality ridge vent guard on your roof and doing otherwise opens your home up to wildlife problems. Our durable ridge vent guard keeps bats, squirrels, raccoons, and birds from entering your attic, causing damage. Protect your most significant physical investment, your home or business, from nuisance animals with the Peak Protector.

The Following Five Images Show Openings And Ridge Vent Damage From Wildlife Which Peak Protector Will Prevent. Click Images For Larger View!

Peak Protector Is The Solution To This Problem.
Peak Protector Could Not Be Damaged Like This Poor Unit.
Peak Protector Has No Openings Like This Unit.
Peak Protector Protects Ridges From This Type Of Damage.
Various Types Of Damage That Will Never Occur With Peak Protector.

The Photos Below Show How Peak Protector Guards The Ridge Vent From Bats, Rats, Squirrels, And Raccoons. Click Images For Larger View.

A Beauutiful Peak Protector Install. No More Rats, Bats Or Squirrels - Guaranteed.
A Number Of Photos Of Peak Protector Installs.
Peak Protector Not Only Protects Your Attic From Rats, Bats Or Squirrels Invasions, It Also looks Great.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late – Get Peak Protector Now!

If you install a roof ridge vent or if the home you’ve purchased has one, and you may soon discover you have a wildlife issue. We know wildlife control operators perform many wildlife inspections during the year, and these professionals find in numerous home inspections that nuisance wildlife breaches poorly constructed ridge vents. Squirrels, raccoons, bats, birds, mice, and rats enter these ridge vents because of the lack of security that results from not using a high-quality ridge vent protector like the Peak Protector.
If you are looking for a solution to critters getting in the attic through your roof ridge vent on the roof, look no farther than Peak Protector. Peak Protector is a permanent solution to keep unwanted wildlife pests from gaining access inside your home through your roof’s ridge vents.
Peak Protector is a strong, durable welded wire mesh that is then PVC coated to withstand harsh elements that your roof may endure. Peak Protector has a unique design that

1. Applies extreme down pressure to the shingle tab on top of the ridge vent preventing animals from being able to squeeze between the gaps of the shingles

2. Screws down to the roof with exterior grade pole barn screws and a rubber washer, forming a weatherproof watertight seal.
We have seen animals as large as raccoons try to enter an attic through the ridge vent. But, a Peak Protector installation deters these large varmints from further damaging a roof and reduces their ability to get into your house.

An ideal solution for keeping out small rodents such as mice and rats, the Peak Protector’s heavy gauge welded wire metal prevents them from chewing into the attic. One of the major entry points for bats getting into your house, roof ridge vents that use Peak Protector keep out all species of bats as well.

The protector comes with everything you need for installation, including 1.5 in and two-inch screws and a Solar Seal 900 Sealant tube for unwanted gaps that need sealing. For customers concerned about leaks, Solar Seal 900 Sealant provides that extra peace of mind for the areas where your screws lay between the roof decking and not grab tightly. You can fill in these gaps with Solar Seal 900 Sealant for an effective long-term solution.

Every box of Peak Protector also comes with a magnetic impact-rated driver bit for the screws and a pamphlet with install instructions.

Remember to wear all personal protective equipment, especially gloves, when installing Peak Protector since there are sharp edges. Also, when working at heights, be sure to follow all OSHA regulations.

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