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Large Critter Trap With Flush Mount Door perfect for capturing raccooons.

This Large Critter Trap With Flush Mount Door is perfect for capturing raccoons and other large critters.

Large Critter Trap with Flush Mount Door

A perfect trapping solution for raccoon trapping, opossum trapping, woodchuck trapping, and trapping similar-sized critters.

The VPS-CT108F model from Viking Product Supply is an excellent Large Critter trap with flush mount door designed for capturing larger animals like raccoons, opossums, and woodchucks, among others. Crafted to professional standards, it comes with a robust quarter-inch steel rod frame and a solid, thick steel door that’s both lockable and spring-loaded. The door is uniquely flush-mounted, meaning it does not extend beyond the front of the trap when set, facilitating flush placement against structures or fences where animals might enter.

The trap is encased in a compact 1/2″ x 1″ wire mesh to prohibit animals from reaching into or out of the trap. Suitable for both novices and experienced trappers, it’s designed for ease of use. Setting the trap involves merely lifting the door and positioning a trigger rod beneath it. The trap activates when an animal steps on the trip plate, disconnecting the door from the trigger rod and safely entrapping the animal within.

With dimensions of 36″ length, 10″ width, and 12″ height, this trap is an excellent, versatile solution for dealing with many large critters.

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