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Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade


The KORO Rodent Spring Trap Upgrade Kit comes with a snap-on back to keep rodents and squirrels from entering the trap from the backside and missing capture. It also comes with 2 trap mounting clips to attach this trap to attic rafters, gutters, or other places where the trap needs to be secured.

If you buy this package of 6 upgrade kits at $22.95 you get significant savings.

Shipping Cost: Flat Fee of $3.50 No Matter How Many Koro Kits You Buy whether it be a 1 pack or a 6 pack. Please note that if you order other items they have their shipping costs as well.

Please note that the Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade DOES NOT COME with the Koro Trap. We do sell the COMBO KITS which includes the trap and upgrade Here.

Why You Need The Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade

Sadly, sometimes a live trap, usually quite large, will not work with some rodents,  squirrels, chipmunks, or rats due to where one must place a trap. Due to space limitations, the other option for trapping is to use a body grip trap, like the Koro Trap and the impressive Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade. Any rodent that touches the baited portion of the Trap with the attached Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade sets off the Trap and dies instantly.

The small size of the Trap with the Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade makes it easy to place while still highly effective. Since this trapping system works so well for all squirrels, the homeowner or wildlife control operator can purchase our Koro Trap Upgrade Combo systems at a much lower cost.

Also, using a snap trap rather than a live trap can save substantial time because the snap trap quickly kills your target, eliminating the need to euthanize the rodent, especially squirrels, by other means. Since saving time means saving money, Wildlife Control Professionals can improve profitability using Koro Trap with the Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade, which provides high capture rates.

The Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade makes the Koro Trap the smoothest lethal rodent trap since the upgrade resolves all the weaknesses of the stand-alone Koro Rodent Trap. Also, the small size of the Koro Trap and Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade can even fit into a standard gutter that squirrels like to use as travel routes.

Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade before after photo

Most of the negative reviews of the excellent Koro Rodent Trap center around the “flaw” in the rear of the Trap. Without our upgrade, we often see squirrels entering the backside of the Koro Rodent Trap, yank off the bait, and miss getting captured. But, not to worry, our Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade removes this flaw and dramatically increases the effectiveness of the Koro Trap.

A Bit Of History

The original Koro Rodent Trap trap caught weasels. After a period of time, the inventors soon discover the trap worked extremely well on other species including the red squirrel and even rats. The Koro Rodent Trap is still available in its original form with a trigger (dog), that wraps over the strike arm and fits into the hole located on the pan or the new easy latch trigger system that makes setting the trap a breeze.

The Koro Rodent Trap is made of .187 dia. mild steel with a house-made spring constructed of music wire. The Koro Rodent measures 3 7/8″L x 3 1/2″W x 3 3/8″H.

Please note that the Koro Rodent Trap Upgrade DOES NOT COME with the Amazing Koro Trap.
We do sell the COMBO KITS which includes the trap and upgrade Here.


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