Hosekeeper HK-Window


The versatile Hosekeeper HK-Window solves every hose management scenario when a hose must go through a window. We’re so bold to say the Hosekeeper HK will be your number 1 hose management tool!

Our HK-Window accepts hoses up to 6 inches in diameter and protects the window frame and walls from damage. On top of protecting your client’s property, the HK-Window also reduces labor as it takes less effort to pull the hose inside the home.

Customized for the attic restoration community, the Hosekeeper HK-Window works for air duct cleaners, carpet cleaners, and more.

The HK-Window is fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of wall thicknesses and wall types such as vinyl and wood siding, brick, and stone exteriors. Its interior wide foam pad cushions the drywall, plaster, or tiled walls preventing damage or mar while firmly holding in place.

You can drastically reduce staffing using the HK-Window by making it very easy to pull the vac hose in and out of windows and not worry that the hose tubing is rubbing against any woodwork, walls, or sheetrock that needs protection.

Shipping Size and Weight: 54*18*13″ and 20 lbs

Shipping Cost Per Item: $75.00

Available on backorder

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