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Eave Protector


Setting the Standard for Professional Eave Protection

Eave Protector (EP) | Protect Your Eaves From Wildlife Damage 24/7/365 – 3 Sizes

The Eave Protector’s main function protects against insects and critters from gaining access to under-eave vents. Our protector also works in places that need a durable vent cover, such as crawlspace and foundation vents.

These are the strongest soffit vent covers on the market. Made of strong aluminum metal, these look good and keep out all critters! We constructed this product out of White Powdered Coated Aluminum with attachment holes premade. Our Eave Vent Covers come in 3 sizes: 5″ x 18″ , 10″ x 18″ and 24″ x 5″. 

We Stand By The Eave Protector 100%. We Know Our Protector Is The Best Eave Screening On The Market. Easy To Install And Designed For Wildlife and Pest Control Operators.


SHIPPING CHARGES: Our shipping charges for these products are flat-fee based. Each size has a fixed shipping charge, no matter how many items you buy. Our 5″ x 18″ , 10″ x 18″ and 24″ x 5″ single Eave Protector ships for $5.95; our 5″ x 18″ , 10″ x 18″ and 24″ x 5″  10 pack ships for $16.95.

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4 Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

A Few Visual Examples Of Why You Need The EP

Raccoons can't get through our screening

A Raccoon ripped its way through the screening of this under eave vent. This won’t happen with the EP.

Don't want squirrels in your attic. Use our screening for squirrel protection

In this instance, a squirrel chewed its way through the screening. Sorry little squirrel, but you won’t get through our undereave vent screening.

Eave Protector keeps starlings  out of your attic

The invasive starlings pecked through this soffit vent screening and made a huge bird nest in the attic. These pest birds, along with sparrows and pigeons, are commonly getting into the eaves through these undereave vents.

Eave Protector is used for raccoon protection

A large raccoon climbed onto the roof and pried open this louvered aluminum under eave vent from the wood paneling. Guard against animal entry into these flimsy soffit vents by upgrading to eave protector vent covers.

Well-Ventilated Attics Provide Healthier Homes

Viking Product Supply’s Eave Protector keeps air moving through your soffit vents and looks excellent as well. Soffit vents decrease cooling costs in summer, prevent ice dams in the winter, extend the life of your eaves and deter mildew and rot by reducing condensation buildup. Our Protector provides maximum airflow, is made of heavy-duty metal, and can hold paint. When you use our eave protector, you get more than a healthy-ventilated attic, and you also get the added benefit of keeping insects and nuisance wildlife out of the covered region. There is no way any critter can get through Viking Product Supply’s Eve Protection!

Also, as you can see from our price, improving the attic ventilation in your building is inexpensive. Installing the EP takes little time, even for a do-it-yourself handy person, and you only need a few simple hand and power tools. But if you are climbing a ladder, please follow all ladder safety suggestions.

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Example 1 of our protector installed
Example 2 of our protector installed
Example 3 of our protector installed


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