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The exceptional DryerWallVent comes in two styles, collar, and non-collar, and 4 colors, white, tan, brown, or black, from which to choose.

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DryerWallVent Comes In 4 Colors, White, Tan, Brown and Black, and Two Versions, Collar and No-Colar

White DryerWallVent At Viking Product Supply


Tan DryerWallVent At Viking Product Supply


Brown DryerWallVent At Viking Product Supply


Brown DryerWallVent At Viking Product Supply


The Best Dryer Venting

Our DryerWallVent meets or surpasses all code specifications for safely venting a dryer. Built to the same premium standards as the Dryerbox®, they are also aesthetically gratifying wall exits that improve a home’s outdoor appeal. The DryerWallVent beats other exterior end options.

An effective vent isn’t going to save the earth, but it can save a few dollars on power bills. And, it can afford a little peace of mind with a safer dryer. It is not uncommon that the most restrictive point in a dryer’s exhaust system is where it ends. When a dryer has to work harder to push air, energy is lost, dryer and clothes lifespan is decreased, and accelerated lint build-up produces a genuine fire risk. Selecting the correct vent does eliminate the risk.


  • Maximum Airflow Efficiency
  • Easy Cleaning Access
  • Built Tough in the USA
  • Gravity-Assist Damper, and Integrated Magnets Provide Extra Protection from Weather and Pests
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Peace of Mind and Energy Savings

In 2010, the National Fire Protection Agency recorded more than 15,000 dryer fires in North America. No matter how often you clean the screen, lint still gets past it and builds up in the exhaust system. Combined with a restricted termination, lint blowback rapidly creates a fire danger. You can rest at ease knowing the Dryer Wall Vent is not restrictive.

A Vent With Lasting Beauty

Homes are constructed to last a lifetime. It’s a shame when plastic vents discolor and fracture. Lightweight metal gets crumpled in no time. The DryerWallVent is built in the USA of constructed from strong powder-coated Galvalume® steel. Our vent is built for the long haul and connects with a low profile. Coupled with a complimenting color for powder coating, our vents serve to blend into the outside. When examining closer, their tight, deep-draw fabrication, and tough-as-nails components stand out. Our vent delivers on the assurance that “Venting Never Looked So Good.”

The Vent With Advanced Features

Serious performance comes from the DryerWallVent and its exceptional features that deliver benefits in longevity, aesthetics, efficiency, and ease of installation. It all starts with a deep-draw manufacturing process. This type of construction forces Galvalume® steel into a tight-fitting form. Then it is powder coated with PPG Envirocron® for added weather resistance and visual appeal. To learn more about engineering advances like the gravity-assist angled damper, integrated magnets, and secondary backing plate, be sure to visit Wall Vent Intro and Product Advantages.

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  1. Very high quality product. well built and painted.

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