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Critter Bait Bags


$7.95 For Bag Of Ten Critter Bait Bags

    Main Features Of Critter Bait Bags:

    • The light color of the bag attracts nocturnal animal’s attention
    • The strong aroma lures them in from nearby areas.
    •  The bags are durable enough that the animal has to work to get to the bait, thereby producing higher catch rates.
    • Please keep the bag sealed for freshness

    How To Use Critter Bait Bags:

    • Hang bait bag from a wire in the back of the trap used to catch raccoons, opossum, skunks and other critters attracted to fish.

    Shipping: $5.95 Flat Fee no matter how many bags purchased.

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    Critter Bait Bags Lure-In Nightime Critters Everytime

    Most areas throughout the US have raccoons, opossums, skunks, and other fish-loving critters that find their way onto homeowners’ property and, in many instances, become a nuisance. So when these annoying wildlife pests need trapping, we have the right critter bait lure for you.

    Our critter bait bags contain a proprietary blend of ingredients that will lure wildlife pests attracted by the scent of fish. Our affordable Critter Bait Bags come packaged with ten smaller bait bags that help get a successful catch. Each pack even lasts damp conditions and won’t break apart if it rains.

    We Suggest Hanging The Bag On The Back Of The Trap Behind The Treadle. Hanging It At The Eye And Nose Level Of The Target Animal Off The Bottom Of The Trap Is Ideal, And It Also Keeps Insects Such As Ants From Getting To The Bait.

    The small pouches work efficiently, making them an outstanding value. The upside of the Critter Bait Bags is the powerful odor that nighttime critters love! We suggest storing the Critter Bait Bags in a sealed container, preferably outside your home.

    Critter Bait Bags by Viking Product Supply

    Some Advice To DIY Homeowner Trappers Who Want To Trap Raccoons, Skunks, or Opossums

    First and foremost, we suggest hiring a professional licensed and insured Wildlife Control Operator in your area. If that’s not an option, you need to purchase humane traps, which cage instead of killing the target wildlife. But before buying a trap, please check your state and local laws. Some states prohibit the practice of trapping and releasing wildlife off your property, while others may let you trap and release off your property.

    When trapping, it’s essential to have a plan. Animals you trap may have any number of diseases that can spread to you, your loved ones, or your pets. Also, an animal you trap may have offspring on your property or in your buildings. So releasing a trapped raccoon, skunk, or opossum on your property isn’t generally a great idea if you haven’t addressed why the critter is on your property or in your buildings since they may show up once again looking for its offspring.

    Of course, you need the correct trap size, so the animal you want to trap can fit into the trap before it closes. So you’ll need to do some research on the type of trap you’ll need based on the size of the critter. But there is so much more you need to know! So, if you really want to do your own trapping, get out on the internet and start doing your research but don’t forget to check out our many critter baits, which you can see below, like our excellent Critter Bait Bags.


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