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Bird Valve – The #1 Bird Exclusion Device

The Bird Valve Is The Humane Way To Remove Birds From Your Home Or Business

The Bird Valve is a one-way door device created to assist in the evacuation of birds from homes and buildings. This bird eviction tool was designed to fit over corner gaps and awkward areas of a building using the base of the Bat Valve Model TBV-FLEX2.

This bird eviction device is designed and tested by Bird Removal Professionals. This bird exclusion tool helps bird removal specialists efficiently remove birds from a building by allowing for quick attachment to structures and perfect angle placement. Furthermore, when it comes to bird removal you can trust this one way device to last and be reused many times over.

The Bird Valve Has Two Options

  1. Bird Valve Without Flex2: If you already own the Bat Valve TBV-Flex2 then you choose this option and the  BV sells for $5.00.
  2. Bird Valve With Flex2: This option comes with the Flex2 base and sells for $34.95.

Buy More Bird Valves With Flex2 And Save

If you buy 1 to 5 items, each item sells for $34.95.
If you buy 6 to 11 items, each item sells for $29.95.
If you buy 12 or more items, each item sells for $24.95.


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Birds Love Attics, Soffits, and Vents, And You’ll Love That The Bird Valve Can Get Them Out

Birds can take up residence in your buildings in any number of ways. In homes, birds often enter a building through openings in siding, soffits, or vents. These three areas are  perfect places for birds to build a nest where there is protection from the elements and safety.

Generally, an attic is a large, dry, secure area where many species of birds will enter to roost and nest. Pigeons, swallows, starlings, finches, and sparrows love attics. And if birds are in your attic, the Bird Valve is the fastest and most humane way to get them out and keep them out.

To properly use this exceptional tool, all bird entrances and exits must be closed off except one or two where you will be placing the Bird Valve. Please take a moment and look at our before-after images below. 

The Humane Way Of Getting Birds Out Of Your Attic

Many companies online or otherwise may suggest some poison to kill the nuisance birds in your attic. This approach could solve the problem, but it requires that you clean up dead birds, plus this tactic is not humane. Ohio Bird Control believes the humane way is the best way when possible, and most of our customers want a humane approach to bird exclusion, and that’s why we developed the Bird Valve.

For many animals, including bats, the use of a one-way funnel is the solution. Many companies will suggest a one-way bird tube will not work very well for birds because birds cannot flap their wings while getting through the funnel. But, the proprietary structure of our bird removal tool enables birds to get through with no problem. And we guarantee results.

Check out this great bird exclusion device in action!


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