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Berry Bandit Bait

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Our Berry Bandit Bait Catches Raccoons And Lots Of Them

You can use Berry Bandit as a paste bait on marshmallows, cotton balls, or bait hangers and see your catch numbers improve. Our bait is a proprietory blend of various berries and cherries and a few other secret ingredients to entice and trap shy critters. This special bait seduces raccoons, skunks, and opossums into traps, where other baits fail. And don’t worry, it’s not attractive to roaming cats. Our bait comes in a 6 oz jar.

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Flat Fee of $8.95 no matter how many bait items you buy. So buy more than one of our amazing baits! But, please note that if you order other items they have their shipping costs as well.

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Raccoons, Skunks, and Opossums Can’t Resist Berry Bandit Bait

Sometimes it’s fun to have critters living on and around your property because they can be fun to watch. But that delight can change when wildlife like raccoons, skunks, and opossum start causing havoc on your property or have close, unpleasant encounters with you and your family.

Raccoons, skunks, and opossums get into garbage cans or eat pet food left outdoors, but they will turn their noses up at both if they come across Berry Bandit Bait in a live trap. These three scavengers eat almost anything but their favorite foods in the wild, insects, crabs, crayfish, lobsters, frogs, rodents, snakes, fish, birds, and eggs, can’t match the magic of this tasty bait.

If You Want One Of Our Best Wildlife Trapping Bait For Raccoons, Then You Won’t Be Disappointed In Berry Bandit Bait

Raccoons are extraordinarily ingenious critters with excellent problem-solving abilities when hungry. But when a raccoon gets a whiff of Berry Bandit Bait, even a trap shy raccoon’s crafty and clever skills take a break.

You Need To Get That Skunk Off Your Property Before Someone Gets Sprayed, But Even More, You Need The Skunk Seducer, Berry Bandit Bait

Skunks, the critter everyone is afraid of because of their potent, long-lasting, and unpleasant fluid that they spray in self-defense, love Berry Bandit Bait. Any skunk on your property that leaves its persistent smell will be reason enough to have it removed, so you want the Skunk Seductive Blend of berries and cherries around and inside your trap of choice.

Horse Owners, You Unquestionably Want Our Berry Bandit Bait For Trapping Opossum Off Your Property

Opossum spread a severe disease to horses through fecal contamination of feed and water. The disease Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis is caused by protozoal parasite eggs in opossum’s feces. Infected horses show a variety of signs of the infection, including central nervous system disorders.

Berry Bandit Bait photo - #1 Best Skunk, Raccoon and Opossum Trapping Bait
Image of damage done by a raccoon caught with Berry Bandit Bait

You want to prevent this type of damage done by a raccoon.

 Image of Raccoon feces in an attic left by a raccoon caught with Berry Bandit Bait

Once a raccoon is in your attic expect feces and urine mixed throughout your insulation.

Trapped this raccoon in an attic using Berry Bandit Bait

This raccoon was trapped in an attic using Berry Bandit Bait.

Image of damage done by a raccoon caught with Berry Bandit Bait

This successful opossum catch resulted from the use of Berry Bandit Bait. 

Trapped this raccoon in an attic using Berry Bandit Bait

This opossum trapped with Berry Bandit Bait looks angry but maybe it wants more Berry Bandit Bait.

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