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Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3 For Soffit Returns And Gable Vents

THE #1 Bat Exclusion Device On The Market – USA Made

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The Humane Way To Remove Bats In Your Home, Attic & Buildings

The Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3 Bat Valve is popular since it fits soffit returns and gable vents of a building and provides 100% effectiveness in excluding bats.

Bat Valve – Model TBV-SG3

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The Model TBV-SG3 is Ideal for soffit returns and gable vents.

The Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3 Bat Valve is a one-way door device created to assist in excluding bats from homes and buildings. The high-end SG3 bat eviction tool was designed to fit over soffit returns and gable vents of a building.

Also, the Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3 Bat Valve features a self-supporting eviction tube that threads on our other two designs. This tube allows for perfect placement of the bat removal tool, enabling bats to leave the building at dusk but closing the bats when they return to roost at dawn.

The Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3 bat exclusion device was designed and tested by On The Ground Bat Removal Professionals. This Bat Valve helps bat removal specialists efficiently remove bats from a building by allowing for quick attachment to structures and perfect angle placement. Furthermore, The Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3 is built to last and can be reused many times over.

If you buy 1 – 5 Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3 items, you pay $29.95 each.

If you buy 6 to 10 Bat Valve items in any model combination, you pay $24.95 per item.

If you buy 11 or more Bat Valve items in any model combination, you pay $21.95 per item.

Box Size: 12′ x  12” x  8”

Shipping Cost: Flat Fee of $12.95 No Matter How Many Bat Valve Items You Buy.

Please note that if you order other items they have their shipping costs as well.

Weight: 3.25 pounds

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Installation Instructions For Proper Bat Removal From Homes And Buildings Using the Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3

Please Follow Federal, State, and Local Regulations When Performing Bat Removal

Step #1 Identifying Problem Areas

You have made the first step in removing bats from your structure by purchasing Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3. You have probably had a bat in your home or business or found bat guano in the attic or wall space. Bats are significant for the ecosystem but horrible for your health when found living inside your occupied home or business.

Bats can introduce zoonotic diseases such as rabies as well as many ectoparasites like bat bugs and fleas into your home or office. The bat guano can accumulate and expose you, your family, or your customers to the toxic fungal spore histoplasmosis. Visit for more information regarding bats and your health.

Start by locating the main entry/exit points on the structure to begin the bat eviction process. To locate the entrances and exits, you will perform a bat watch near dusk and watch for where they fly out. The best way to find these locations is to look over the building for construction gaps. You must be observant will performing this task. Familiar places for bat entry are gable vents, soffit returns, masonry gaps, and brick gaps along the frieze boards. In most cases, you will find bat guano around the entry location on the exterior of the building which can guide your entry point observations.

Step #2 Start Bat Exclusion

Once you have identified the entry locations around the structure, start the exclusion process by sealing gaps. You can find many products used to seal bat entry points. If you find that you also have rodents accessing the building, be sure to use chew-proof products such as sheet metal and wire mesh, so your repairs aren’t compromised. Bats do not chew to gain access; they use openings created by other animals or construction gaps left by builders!

How many bat valves to install? The number depends on the number of bats using a structure and the number of areas a building contains. For instance, if the home has three separate areas that could be inhabited by bats, it would be recommended to install at least one bat valve per section of the house to trap out the bats. If the bat population is high, it is also recommended to install multiple bat valves to allow easy egress.

Step #3 Installation of Bat Valves

IMPORTANT: Seal All Gaps other than the ones you have selected to install The Bat Valve, or the bats will access the building using the other entry points .

Now that you sealed all the other gaps on the structure install the bat valves over the remaining holes that the bats tend to use most. You attach the Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3 with screws. When installing each device, be sure that there are no gaps left around the outside as bats will try to squeeze back in.

The bat tube which extends from the bat valve adapter is self-supporting. You must position the Bat Valve Model TBV-SG3 in a way where bats cannot crawl back inside. Be sure to elevate and set the end, extending up off the roof or away from the building.

Step #4 Remove Bat Valves

When bat activity has ceased, then remove the bat valves and finish sealing the entry points. Duration of time for the bats leaving once you install the bat valves depends on weather and outside temperature.

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