Hosekeeper Hose Management System

Customized For Attic Restoration Companies, Insulation Contractors, Air Duct Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners, And More.

So Versatile It Solves Every Hose Management Scenario While Keeping Your Customer’s Home Protected From Damage.

What Is The Hosekeeper Hose Management System?

 The Hosekeeper Hose Management System provides a practical and effective solution for safeguarding property from hose damage. Route vacuum hoses through your customer’s home without causing damage to the window seal, drywall, painted walls, door frame, and railings. The Hose Keeper allows contractors to route hose 6 inches in diameter or less without risk of property damage. Restoration equipment such as as insulation vacuum hoses, air duct cleaning lines, carpet cleaning tubes and more can utilize this system. This Hosekeeper not only protects your customers property, it saves labor by employing built in rollers making the job of moving hose in and out of the house a breeze!

There are 4 different Hosekeeper designs: the HK-Window, the HK-Door, the HK-Rail, and the HK- Hall. These models provide you the versatility to easily move any length of hose into and throughout buildings, saving you time, effort, and cleanup. Your customers will be reassured that your care about their home and property when they take notice that you’re using the Hose Keeper system to prevent hose wear marks! Implement the Hosekeeper Hose Management System today for your professional restoration company and enjoy the many benefits that come with having these in your toolbox.

The Four Hosekeeper Models: HK-Window, HK-Door, HK-Hall, and HK-Rail

HK-Window – $649.95

The versatile HK-Window solves every hose management scenario when a hose must go through a window. We’re so bold to say the HK will be your number 1 hose management tool! The HK accepts hose up to 6″ in diameter and protects the window frame and walls from damage. On top of protecting your client’s property, the HK also reduces labor as it takes less effort to pull the hose inside the home. Customized for the attic restoration community, the HK-Window works for air duct cleaners, carpet cleaners, and more. The HK-Window is fully adjustable to fit on a wide variety of wall thicknesses and wall types such as vinyl and wood siding, brick, and stone exteriors. The HK-Window interior wide foam pad cushions the drywall, plaster, or tiled walls preventing damage or mar while firmly holding in place.

2 Instructional Videos For HK-Window

HK-Door – $289.95

The Hosekeeper HK-Door unit is the ideal piece of equipment for routing a vacuum hose through doorways and corners. We constructed the Hosekeeper HK-Door to adjust between a minimum opening of 24 inches up to a maximum of 36 inches. Accepts up to 6″ diameter hoses. The Hosekeeper HK-Door, the ideal choice for insulation contractors when a hose needs to go through a residential entry and closet doors,  protects frames and trim. Show your customers you care about their property by employing the Hosekeeper’s HK-Door protection model. The Hosekeeper’s HK-Door also serves as a hose guard on narrow hallways and attic entry hatches using its wing nuts to pivot the hose holder on the extension bar.

HK-Hall – $299.95

The Hosekeeper HK-Hall is the door unit’s big brother and is manufactured to keep your insulation vacuum hose right where you want it: off of the customer’s walls and trim! Fully extendable, the Hosekeeper HK-Hall also works on large door frames from 32 inches up to larger doors and hallways at a maximum of 52 inches. Accepts up to 6″ diameter hose. Ideal for 3″ blown insulation hose as well. The versatile Hosekeeper HK-Hall can even work on some windows when the window model isn’t ideal. When you use the Hosekeeper HK-Hall you protect your client’s hallway corners by routing your hose throughout the house without the risk of damage. The Hosekeeper HK-Hall drastically reduces staffing by making it very easy to pull the vac hose in and out of the structure and not worry that the hose tubing is rubbing against the drywall and trim work.

HK-Rail – $249.95

The Hosekeeper HK-Rail safely runs hoses over banister rails on porches, stairways, and railings. The versatile Hosekeeper HK-Rail allows for easy setup of your vacuum hosing without damaging the client’s property. The three-roller arms of the Hosekeeper HK-Rail enable workers to easily pull hoses in and out of any home. The Hosekeeper HK-Rail accepts up to an 6-inch hose and uses industrial strength velcro to secure to banister without marring or slipping and tough foam padding for rail damage prevention.


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