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Protects Vent Openings From Insects And Critters

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Eave Protector | Protect Your Eaves From Wildlife Damage 24/7/365

The Eave Protector’s main function provides protection against insects and critters from gaining access to under eave vents. Our protector also works in other places that need a durable vent cover such as crawlspace vents.

Our EP comes in 2 sizes: 5″ x 18″ and 10″ x 18″. Both sizes are White Powdered Coated Aluminum with attachment holes already made.

All Hardware Included For Installation! Also, The Eave Protector Is Paintable. Made Of The Strongest Screening Available.

We Stand By The Eave Protector 100%. We Know Our Protector Is The Best Eave Screening On The Market. Easy To Install And Designed For Wildlife and Pest Control Operators.

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Shipping Charges

Our shipping charges for these products are flat-fee based. Each size has its own shipping charge no matter how many items you buy. Our 5″ x 18″ and 10″ x 18″ single Eave Protector ships for $5.95; our 5″ x 18″ and 10″ x 18″ 10 pack ships for $16.95.

4 Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

A Few Visual Examples Of Why You Need The Eave Protector

Raccoons can't get through our screening

A Raccoon ripped its way through the screening of this under eave vent. This won’t happen with the Eave Protector.

Don't want squirrels in your attic. Use our screening for squirrel protection

In this instance, a squirrel chewed its way through the screening. Sorry little squirrel, but you won’t get through our EP screening.

Eave Protector keeps starlings  out of your attic

The invasive starlings pecked through this soffit vent screening and made a huge bird nest in the attic. These pest birds, along with sparrows and pigeons, are commonly getting into the eaves through these undereave vents.

Eave Protector is used for raccoon protection

A large raccoon climbed onto the roof and pried open this louvered aluminum under eave vent from the wood paneling.


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