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The Bat Valve is a one-way door device designed to aid in the removal of bats from buildings. This bat eviction tool has three options to fit over a common bat entry point such as gable vents, soffit returns, ridge vents, brick openings, frieze boards, and other construction gaps.


Easy To Install/Humane Removal/Designed For Wildlife and Pest Control Operators

In addition, The Bat Valve features a self-supporting eviction tube that threads on to any of The Bat Valve designs. This tube allows for proper positioning of the bat removal tool so that bats can exit the structure at dusk, but not return to roost at dawn. Each bat valve order comes complete with your choice of design and self-supporting tube.

This bat eradication device is designed and tested by Bat Removal Professionals. The Bat Valve assists bat removal experts in efficiently removing bats from a building by allowing for quick attachment to structures and perfect angle placement. Furthermore, The Bat Valve is built to last and can be reused many times over.

Setting the Standard for Professional Bat Control

We Stand By The Bat Valve 100%. We Know Our Bat Exclusion Device Is The Best On The Market.

Before installing The Bat Valve, you must identify all potential bat openings. After that, you must seal all openings except a few of the significant bat highways. These bat highways are areas on the structure most used by a bat colony.

Flex 2 Version of Bat Valve Products

Flex 2 Install

Flex 4 Version of Bat Valve Products

FR4 Install

SG3 Version of Bat Valve Products

SG3 Install

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Download The Bat Valve PDF Installation Manual In 2 Parts

Video On Installation Process


Step 1 – Identify Problem Areas

You have made the first step in removing bats from your structure by purchasing The Bat Valve. You have probably had a bat in the house or found bat guano in the attic or wall space in most cases. Bats are great for the eco-system but detrimental for your health when they are found living inside an occupied structure. Bats carry and transmit many zoophytic diseases to humans, including the rabies virus Bats also host several ectoparasites, such as fleas and bat bugs, which can infest your home or office. The bat guano can accumulate and expose occupants to toxic fungal spore histoplasmosis.

First, start the bat eviction process by locating the main entry/exit points on the structure. You will perform a bat watch near dusk and watch for where they fly out. The best way to find these locations is to look over the building for construction gaps closely. Common places for bat entry are gable vents, sot returns, masonry gaps, and brick gaps along the frieze boards. In most cases, you will find bat guano around the entry location on the building’s exterior.

Click To Visit the CDC for more information on bats and rabies for more information.

Step 2 – Start Bat Exclusion

Once you have identified entry locations around the structure start the bat exclusion process (sealing of gaps). Many products can be used to seal bat entry points. If you find that you also have rodents accessing the building, be sure to use chew-proof, products such as sheet metal and wire mesh so your repairs aren’t compromised.

Bats do not chew to gain access; they use openings created by other critters like squirrels, lack of maintenance to the structure such as wood rot, or construction gaps left by builders.

How many bat valves to install?

The number of bat eviction devices to use depends on the number of bats occupying the home, church, or business. For instance, if a house has 3 separate attics, it would be necessary to install at least 1 bat evictor on each area if signs of bat entry are present. If bats are colonized or in large numbers, it is also recommended to install several bat tubes to allow for sufficient egress. If not enough bat valves are used or installed in the wrong location, bats may become trapped inside and die/find their way into the living space.

The next step is to install The Bat Valves Using One Or More Of Our Three Models

Ridge Vents And Frieze Board Gaps

Used For Corner Gaps And Are Versatile And Flexible. You Can Use This Over Bathroom Exhaust Vents For Bird Eviction.

Soffit Returns And Gable Vents

Step 3 – Installation of Bat Valves

Important: All Gaps must be sealed (other than the ones you have selected to install The Bat Valve over), or the bats will use the other entry points to get back in. Now that all other gaps are sealed on the structure install the bat valves over the remaining holes that the bats tend to use most. The TBV-FR4 and TBV-Flex2 are both attached by using screws. The TBV-SG3 is generally held in place by compression. When installing each device, be sure that there are no gaps left around the outside as bats will try to squeeze back in. You can place copper/steel mesh, excluder fabric, caulking, foam, or other materials around the bat valves to ensure no gaps are left. The bat tube which extends from the bat valve adapter is self-supporting. The end of this tube MUST be positioned in a way where bats cannot crawl back inside. Be sure to elevate/position the end, extending up to the roof or away from the building. See Images Below Highlighted In Transparent Red.

Step 4 – Remove Bat Valves

When bat activity has ceased, remove bat valves and finish sealing entry points. The duration of time to leave bat valves installed depends on weather and outside air temperature. Typically, 1-2 weeks is sufficient in temperatures with nighttime lows above 55°F.

If in doubt, seek professional help

Always Seek Professional Assistance When In Doubt From A Licensed Wildlife Or Pest Control Operator “WCO/PCO” With Bat Removal Experience. Contact Viking Product Supply For A List Of Licensed Bat Removal Specialists In Your Area.

Please Follow Federal, State, And Local Regulations When Performing Bat Removal.

Do Not Install Bat Valves During The Bat Maternity Season, As Bat Pups Will Likely Perish Inside The Structure.

Always Wear Proper Personal Protective Equipment

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