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Bat Funnel to Remove Bats out of the Home

Using a bat funnel like the one found at The Bat Valve’s website is the single most effective way to remove bats safely from your home. Fortunately, professional bat removal companies such as Barnes Wildlife Control has access to the latest, most advanced technologies on the market. Because of this, we have had the fortune of using and gaining experience with bat funnel products for many years. Bat funnels main job is to allow bats inside the structure to escape through this 1-way device and not be able to gain reentry inside the building.

The bat funnel is the preferred removal for any bat removal service claiming to be humane as it doesn’t harm them, trap them, or net them which can cause damage to their delicate wing membranes. If bats aren’t able to fly they cannot find food, water, and have a high risk of predation from raptors and feral cats. Call a member of Barnes Wildlife Control’s knowledgeable staff today at (937) 340-1867 for expert bat removal service if you are located in the Ohio area ! If you are seeking professional help from outside this area contact a member of the Viking Product Supply staff by emailing and we can refer you to a qualified company in your area to aide you in the bat removal process.

Can I Use a Bat Funnel Myself?

The answer to this question is yes, but only if you research and understand the process and the associated risks involved. There simply is no substitute for experience and the effectiveness and safety of using a one-way bat funnel. One-way bat valves are intended to be used in conjunction with other exclusion services usually reserved for licensed and trained professionals. For example, it is entirely possible that bats can exit your home through a bat funnel only to find another entry point into your home. Furthermore, the primary entry point must be sealed after using the funnel or else the bats will simply come in the way they always have once the bat door is removed. The bats’ safety is always a priority, as many bat species are endangered. The absolute worst thing that can happen is to trap a bat or bat colony inside when sealing off the final entry point to soon. If this happens the bat will likely perish in the attic and walls or find their way inside the living space or become trapped in the basement or crawlspace. The amount of time to leave the bat valves installed on the structure is dependent upon season and temperature, but on average 2 weeks is sufficient.  A lot of effort goes into properly removing bats so that the repairs last, look good, and the bats are humanely removed.

bat funnel to remove bats designed by Viking Product Supply and THE BAT VALVE

The Bat Funnel one way exit for bats to get out of the building safely.

How Do the Bat Funnels Play into Bat Removal Jobs as a Whole?

It is important to understand that a proper bat removal job has several components, many of which are best conducted by bat removal specialists. Below, you will find a rough outline of what steps we take when conducting a full bat removal job:

  • Firstly, conduct a full survey of the property. This allows you to find and seal all entry points, even those which are hidden from plain sight. This common oversight is arguably the most important part of bat removal service.
  • Second,  install the bat funnel so that the bats can exit the enclosure safely and at their own leisure. Be sure to elevate the end of the bat valve off of the surface at least 3-4 inches so bats cannot climb back inside the bat tube.
  • Once all bats are removed, the primary entry hole (where the funnel was used) can be permanently sealed.
  • Beyond that, any necessary repairs can be made once the bats are evicted and bat guano removal performed if needed
  • Tip: Bats carry several ectoparasites, one of which looks like bed bugs and is termed bat bugs. Bat bug extermination should be done to prevent pets and human occupants from becoming short term hosts.


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