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The Roost Repeller – A Revolutionary Bird Control System 

Viking Product Supply Welcomes You To Our Wildlife Control Products And Wildlife Control Supplies Online Store

Thank you for visiting Viking Product Supply Online! Our store is more than just another average WCO online retailer of Wildlife Control Supplies. Wildlife Control Operators with years of on-the-ground experience developed this store and its Wildlife Control Products.

We have a twofold mission at Viking Product Supply. One, to provide the highest quality and the most versatile Wildlife Control Products for Wildlife Control Operators(WCO). And two, give our customers a positive online shopping experience.

Our online store allows us to better serve our existing customers by making shopping easier for them and those new customers who prefer not to enter a physical location.

So enjoy your shopping experience and please let us know if you run into any issues in our online store by calling us at (937) 405-8721 or emailing us at

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Viking Product Supply Was A Great Success At The Orlando, Florida Tradeshow

This year the National Wildlife Control Operators Association(NWCOA) held its national convention at Caribe Royale Orlando, Florida, between February 1 to the 3’rd. This show brought thousands of visitors and hundreds of wildlife control professionals from around the country to look at the latest innovations and products that keep wildlife out of structures such as homes and offices.

Viking product supply had a booth set up at the trade show convention area to showcase some of their new products, such as the mole trap called the Mole Wacker, Peak Protector, Bat Valve, and new Crawl Space Protectors.

The show was a great success for Viking product supply as we continue to gain further interest and new customers to our client base. We received huge support from our booth visitors who placed many orders since the show, and we will look forward to attending next year.

Jack and jacob Barnes at the Orlando, Florida trade show Feb. 2022

Above are Jack and Jacob Barnes, brothers, partners, and co-owners of Viking Product Supply and inventors and producers of the many VPS products in their online store.

Viking Product Supply’s Featured Wildlife Control Products And Supplies

Our wildlife control products and wildlife control supplies are a cut above those found throughout the US and Canada.  Viking Product Supply provides our wildlife control products to small, medium, and large Wildlife Control Operators throughout the US and Canada. Our wildlife and pest control experts at Viking Product Supply have spent hundreds of hours developing some of the best wildlife control products made anywhere. And for those products we don’t develop but sell here, we make sure we’ve road-tested them for effectiveness, quality of materials, and outstanding warranties.

The Roost Repeller Bird Control System designed by Viking Product Supply
The PEAK PROTECTOR made and distributed by Viking Product Supply
The Vent Shield made and distributed by Viking Product Supply
The Bird Banisher made and distributed by Viking Product Supply
The Bat Valve made and distributed by Viking Product Supply
Wood Stucco Repair Kit made and distributed by Viking Product Supply
Koro Trap Upgrade Kit made by Viking Product Supply
The Decked System is sold at Viking Product Supply
Wildlife Control Eave Protector made by Viking Product Supply
Viking Product Supply makes the Crawlspace Protector
Viking Product Supply Professional Series Squirrel Excluder Traps
Viking product supply makes great wildlife control baits
Viking product supply sells No_pest Wide Mount Vents
Viking Sheet Metal Brake for bending metal
DryerWallVent Into Description At Viking Product Supply
RodeXit® All-In-One Seal By Viking Product Supply
The Bird Valve - Humane One Way Bird Exclusion Device
The Mole Whacker Trap at Viking Product Supply
The VPS-CT108F model from Viking Product Supply is an excellent Large Critter trap with flush mount door designed for capturing larger animals like raccoons, opossums, and woodchucks, among others.
The VPS-CT108 model from Viking Product Supply is a Large Critter trap that is meticulously designed for professional standards.
The Green Hornet Trap made and distributed by Viking Product Supply
Solar Seal 900 Sealant Graphic  at Viking Product Supply home page
Lucas 6600 Universal Sealant Graphic  at Viking Product Supply home page

The Wildlife Pest Control Products For WCO Professionals

Looking For Help Getting Rid Of Or Keeping Out Birds, Bats, Raccoons, Rats, Mice And More? Viking Product Supply Can Help With Your Wildlife/Pest Problems By Providing Top-Of-The-Line Wildlife Pest Removal Products As Well As Wildlife Pest Prevention Materials.

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